FEATURED ARTIST: Pollyanna Woodward

Posted on 16 March 2017

Pollyanna is an extremely confident, relaxed and professional live presenter and she is best known for her huge success hosting The Gadget Show. In a corporate events setting, she always gets feedback commenting on her professionalism and how easy and pleasant she is to work with. She takes everything in her stride and rolls with the punches of live presenting. She’s great for hosting of all sorts, and she’s especially suited to technology events and product launches. Samsung said: “She was a dream, the clients loved her and the crowd loved her – she was adaptable and very accommodating especially in ever changing conditions. I would definitely suggest using her for events!


Check out her biography here.


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Welsh comic Steve is a highly experience and relatable stand-up. His observational material makes him a great choice for corporate audiences and he is an experienced and charming awards host with a particular flair commenting on Britishness and regional differences. Have a look at his biography here and a video clip below.


FEATURED ARTIST: Richard Herring

Posted on 13 March 2017

Richard is one of the most recognisable faces in British Comedy. Richard is an experienced and energetic stand-up and awards host. He can also speak knowledgeably topics relating to his work and is a great addition to a conference panel. He writes one of the internet’s longest running blogs and is a prolific podcast and crowdfunder – making him a great choice for technology and digital events. Have a look at his biography here and check out a corporate clip below.