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Comedian | Environmental Economist

Dr. Matt Winning is a comedian unlike any other; a stand-up comic by night, he also has a PhD in Climate Change Policy and has been an active researcher, combining his two worlds of comedy and environmental issues in an attempt to help save the planet.


Dr Matt Winning is a London-based Scottish comedian and environmental economist who performs live climate change comedy.

Matt has a PhD in climate change policy and has been an active researcher, combining his two worlds of comedy and environmental issues in an attempt to help save the planet. In 2021 he published his book Hot Mess which encompasses these two worlds. Adam Kay described it as ““a very funny, important and only moderately terrifying clarion call of a book”. He performed his latest stand-up show of the same name across the UK and was awarded Pick of the Fringe at Bedford Fringe Festival.

Matt at Events

Matt is one of the in demand acts on the corporate speaker circuit. Matt Full of energy, quick humour and terrifying statistics, Matt’s PowerPoint-based comedy sets both entertain and educate audiences, giving them a hilarious and shocking fast-paced look into the planet’s future if the human race doesn’t get its act together, along with tips on what we can do to make a difference.

What makes Matt unique is his suitability for both daytime and evening events; whether delivering an informative after-dinner performance or an amusing daytime keynote, his topical comedy works in all sort of contexts and covers issues that every company should be concerned with. He is also experienced at hosting awards ceremonies.

He has performed at COP28, the Royal Institution, Net Zero Festival, UK Schools Climate Assembly, Bluedot, BBC Climate Creatives festival and many, many others.

Matt Winning Hot Mess
Matt's Hot Mess book

Matt has a TEDx talk about the importance of using humour to discuss climate change, hosts the BBC Radio 4 show Net Zero: A Very British Problem, the podcast Operation Earth’ and co-hosted Mark Watson and Matt Winning: Seriously, Though, The Planet on BBC Sounds.

A live show of Hot Mess was on tour around the UK in 2022, which Matt also took to the Edinburgh Fringe that summer. Matt’s last show It’s The End Of The World As We Know It received wide critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe and led to a nationwide tour. The “funny yet educational” high-concept hour follows the successes of his two previous lecture-style stand-up shows, Climate Strange (2018) and Filibuster (2017).

On TV Matt has appeared on BBC2’s Inside Culture and as the environmental correspondent on Dave’s Unspun with Matt Forde and in BBC Scotland TV shows The State of It and Scot Squad. On radio he’s been a panelist on BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz and The Now Show and BBC Radio Scotland’s Breaking The News. Matt has written articles on climate change in Guardian, New Statesman, Scotsman, Metro and Sunday Post.


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