Philip Mould OBE

Phillip Mould OBE

Presenter | Art Expert

Philip Mould OBE is an international art dealer who through his books, television programmes and articles has become one of the best known personalities of the art world. He is widely consulted as an art world pundit, frequently sought for speaking engagements, and constantly in demand for his professional services as a specialist in early British art and portraiture.


Together with running his own fine art gallery in London’s fashionable Dover Street at the heart of Mayfair, Philip is celebrated for his discoveries. Because of his specialist talent for unearthing long-lost, forgotten masterpieces or exceptional works of art, Philip’s expertise is in demand from collectors, academics and museums on both sides of the Atlantic.

Philip has written several books which reveal the extraordinary culture of detection behind art discoveries including Sleepers: In Search of Lost Old Masters (published in paperback as The Trail of Lot 163 by 4th Estate, London) and Sleuth: The Amazing Quest for Lost Treasures, the latter of which is sold in the USA under the title The Art Detective – Fakes, Frauds and Finds and the Search for Lost Treasures.

Philip has become internationally known for his acclaimed BBC One series Fake or Fortune? which he co-presents with Fiona Bruce. He can also regularly been seen imparting his knowledge as an expert on BBC One’s Antiques Road Show.

From 1988 to early 2011, Philip held the prestigious position of official art adviser to the House of Commons and to the House of Lords for which he received his OBE. He is Chairman of Kids in Museums; President and formerly Chairman of Plantlife, the international wild plant conservation charity; a trustee of the English Heritage Foundation; and a patron of Fight for Sight. In 2013 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by his former university, East Anglia.

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