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Posted on 13 February 2020

Corporate Department: Corporate Bookings Assistant




The Corporate Bookings Assistant role in the Corporate Department is an integral part of the department. Working closely with bookers and high profile clients on the Avalon roster, the role requires enthusiasm, strong attention to detail and a commitment to the overall aims of the team.


Reporting to the Head of Corporate Events, the key duties of the Corporate Bookings Assistant are:


  • Processing all corporate bookings between clients and hirer from the point of confirmation, ensuring all agreed arrangements have been satisfied.
  • Invoicing hirers, ensuring prompt payment of invoices
  • Logging when payments and contracts arrive
  • Organising transport, briefing calls and any other logistical requirements
  • Collecting feedback on the Artist’s performance.


In addition, the Corporate Bookings Assistant will be responsible for generating bookings for a number of the up-and-coming artists on the roster. Under the direction of the Head of Corporate Events, this will include:


  • Seeking out opportunities for those Artists
  • Negotiating fees on their behalf
  • Presenting the Artists with offers and discussing the appropriateness of the offers
  • Writing contracts
  • Attending events where appropriate and familiarizing themselves with the artists’ current material
  • Working to sales targets
  • Generating marketing materials on occasion and contributing to overall departmental development


Please apply with your CV and cover letter to Mariana Chin at MChin@Avalonuk.com